They had good intentions.

A family saw a small "pup" on side of the road when they decided to pick it up and bring it to safety.

It was reportedly alongside a busy roadway and the family didn't want the animal to be injured.

Well, when they got home with the furry little friend, they realized that it was NOT a dog or puppy.

The animal that they rescued was actually a baby coyote. Yes, apparently the small pup strayed from its mother and ended up on the side of the road

The family notified authorities after they realized what they had in their home and the animal was relocated to a care center where it was resting in a safe environment.

According to the post below, the family was at no risk for infection and the animal will now go through rehabilitation.

What's ironic here is that another coyote pup from the liter was rescued so they will both be raised together and grow up as a pair.

If you ever come across a wild animal that needs assistance, you are encouraged to contact your local Wildlife and Fisheries Office. Never try to assist an animal that can put you or your family in danger.


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