This definitely was not a happy birthday.

Last weekend, 3-year-old Angely was celebrating her birthday with a party thrown by family members outside of a Houston apartment complex. Unfortunately, the celebration seemed to get cut short when two women literally crashed the party, tossing the tables and chairs in the process.

Full disclosure: I totally know that we live in the age of "I need to see the whole video" but it's hard to wrap my head around what could possibly warrant this type of behavior. I could understand if the party was happening on their private property, but based on my minimal internet research it seems like these women live in the apartment complex where the party was taking place which would mean the festivities were happening in what would be considered a "commons area."

Maybe they were blocking the sidewalk? I keep finding myself going out of my way to play Devil's advocate but even if they were, was it necessary to literally rip the table away from the family while they were still sitting at it? What's worse is that according to one of the family members, the tables and chairs were rentals, so not only was the celebration ruined but now the family is on the hook for the damages.

To make matters worse, the police allegedly showed up, and "nothing was done" so the family has no legal ground to have either of the two women pay for any of the damages they reportedly caused. The family set up a GoFundMe to help with some of the damages and got an overwhelming response from those who were disgusted to see what happened to them in the now-viral video.

This is what happened to us last night while at a 3yr old birthday party minding our own business they had the audacity to start throwing our stuff no one was bothering them it was apartment complex property apparently they thought they owned everything cops came nothing was done now my family and all have to pay for the damages they did because all those chairs and tables were rented.

There have even been "makeup" birthday parties set up by organizations in the community to give Angely the party they feel she deserves.

It seems as if the two women have been identified by users within the comments on social media but we haven't seen anything official from law enforcement.

See the GoFundMe here.

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