Days after the nation was horrified after watching a political protest turn into a riot in Washington, D.C., the fallout continues for some Louisiana businesses. Pictures and video of the event that left five people dead at the United States Capitol continue to come forward, as do questions about why and how this happened in America. And, as usual, social media played a huge part in the events of January 6th.

Several Louisiana companies have been directly affected by last week's events after photos appeared on social media sites showing people affiliated with the businesses attending the rally. Donald Rouse, Sr., co-owner of the Rouses Market grocery chain, issued a statement saying he was "horrified by the violence and destruction" seen at the rally. In addition to the Krewe of Red Beans cutting ties with the grocer, they also returned the money that Rouses had given them for their annual charity events.

And now, according to  WVLA/, Louisiana NAACP President Mike McClanahan has cut ties to Rouses, and is asking others to do the same. He issued a statement saying “We thought it was only fitting that we called off the relationship. We need to start understanding that our dollars have value." Other lawmakers around the state have also chimed in, including former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and State Representative Ted James. Read what they had to say from WVLA/

And photos have also appeared from the rally online of Baton Rouge restaurant owner Cinda Vanmerrienboar of the Red Zeppelin pizza eatery on Perkins Dr. Some on social media are calling for a boycott of the restaurant, but her husband, co-owner Ray Vanmerrienboer says his wife was not in any way involved in the violence at the Capitol. He told  WVLA/BRproud “I don’t know what she did wrong…. she was just there in solidarity". The Twitter account of the restaurant appears to be de-activated at this time. See video of the story below from WVLA/BR Proud


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