What’s the old saying about real estate? Location, location, location. In retail, at least as far as the consumer side is concerned the old saying should be modified to become timing, timing, timing. That’s because there are just some times of the year that are better for purchasing certain items.  

Much of that timing has to do with the way our lives revolve around the school year. September especially is back to school time which in many parts of the world translates into "the end of summertime". That means that items that you might purchase to enjoy during warm weather months will likely go on sale as retailers seek to clear shelf space for items arriving for the winter months.  

That logic applies perfectly to the parts of the country where they have four seasons. Here in Louisiana we don’t really have “winter” we have a couple of days that the weather is cold enough for people to put on a coat but that’s technically not the winter the rest of the world encounters.  

Our seasons are more along the lines of hurricane season, hunting season, football season, and "too dang hot" season.  Since most retailers don’t plan savings events around those times of the year, we’ll just have to make do and use what the rest of the retail world offers us.  

But we have found some particular products that you can save a lot on if you act now during the fall. Especially when you consider that the warm weather most people associated with spring and summer tends to stick around here through November. 

10 Items That Usually Go on Sale During Fall

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