It’s always a scary time for women to see what the new swimwear trends are.  Unless, you’re one of those women who have the perfect bod and looks good in anything. As you get older, you have to work with your body and find something that looks somewhat flattering, and it may not necessarily be ‘in style’. Luckily, some of the 2021 swimsuit trends aren’t that bad. You’ll find a more sophisticated look in some of them.  The majority of women absolutely hate to swimsuit shop because it literally kills our mood.

You can honestly never have too many swimsuits in Louisiana. Between boat rides at the camp, beach vacations, and pool parties, we always need a suit. Since now is the time to start working on your 2021 collection, check out some of the latest trends, according to Who What Wear.  Although it's fun to see what's trending, it's more important to have fun with your swimsuit and always do you.

These are some 2021 swimsuit trends that I love:

Animal Print - Animal print isn’t going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it’s stronger than ever, especially with swimsuits. Pick your spots or stripes and rock it.

Ties - You’ll see an assortment of suits this year with ties. Some may wrap around the waist, some on the sides by the thighs, and some in the center. Whether it’s a soft and subtle tie or a big bow in the back, get your tie on.


Creative Cut-outs - With the right placement of the cut-out, it could be very flattering. The only bad thing is you might end up with some funny tan lines.

Underwire - It’s definitely not the most comfortable thing, but it’s one of the biggest trends this year for swimsuits. Sculpted underwire tops can give you a more dramatic and flattering look.

Bright White - It's going to show EVERY spot and you’re going to have to be so careful. But, it looks really good.

Not every trend will be loved by everyone. For example, the two bikini trends below are what a lot of the celebs are wearing, according to Who What Wear.  I just can do these. But hey, if you feel it go for it.

French Cut Bottoms

Animal Print Triangle Bikinis

Again, don't let swimsuit shopping get the best of you. Have fun with it and rock those suits all summer long.

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