The kids are back in school and the heat is on in the deep south.

We have recorded breaking temperatures all summer long and with the kids back in school, some parents are concerned about the well-being of their kids on school buses.

Sadly, many of the school buses on the roads these days are not equipped with air conditioners, so the only ventilation comes when the windows are down.

With that said many parents have expressed concerns about the extreme temperatures on school buses this year.

In Lafayette, we have seen temperatures reach as high as 107 degrees in the afternoon, and I cannot imagine how hot it must be on the buses once schools are dismissed.

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In one Facebook group that I am in parents mentioned that their kid's bus does not even allow them to put all of the windows down due to some kids tossing things from the bus.

Other parents noted that their kids are on the school bus for up to an hour after dismissal and the only way to get their kids home is the bus.

So, how hot is it on these school buses to start the school year? Well, a few photos have surfaced on social media and it gives you and me a good indication of how uncomfortable it is on the bus for the students and the drivers.

Check out some of the photos that I came across on Facebook that show the temperature on school buses and ask yourself if you'd feel comfortable putting your kid on this bus.

I will note here that the temperatures do vary from one place to another, but this is a good indication as to why students and drivers are subjected to after school each day.

Let me echo what one parent suggested and I think it's a great idea, if your child rides a bus back from school make sure they've got plenty to drink for the commute back home.

Sadly, I also came across this post or story on social media, and a parent explained what happened to a school bus driver while on their route.

The heat consumed the driver and paramedics came to their aid.


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