Depending on how old you are you either know George Foreman as a champion boxer or TV grill seller. In both cases, those are very accurate ways to recognize the man. He was an Olympic gold medalist in boxing. He was also a successful professional fighter too. But when he lent his name to a portable grill, that's when things really changed for George Foreman.

To say George Foreman's life has been a rags-to-riches tale is an understatement. In fact, his story is so compelling that Hollywood has taken notice and there is a film being made about Foreman's formative years.

That film was scheduled to be shot in New Orleans but Hurricane Ida has disrupted those plans so the production has been moved to the Shreveport area. The film has a working title of Heart of a Lion and it will focus on Foreman's life between the ages of 11 and 45.

Sony Pictures is producing the film and they have sent out the call for about 1,500 extras to be in the movie. Now, filming for the project isn't expected to begin for another six weeks or so but producers are wanting to secure their locations and their extras well ahead of time.

CBS This Morning via YouTube

So, be on the lookout for more casting calls in the next few weeks. In many cases, films such as this will pay extras for their time on set and they usually feed you pretty well too. It's also a chance to get a behind the scenes look at how filmmaking is done these days.

According to sources, the part of Foreman will be played Khris Davis. Davis has starred in projects like Detroit and Judas and the Black Messiah. There has been no official released date noted for when the final product will be released.

Oh, and speaking of that George Foreman Grill, I wonder if it made this list.

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