If you are a member of the KTDY Winner's Club, your opportunity to earn Bonus Points goes into overdrive this weekend!

If you know the answer to Friday''s No-Brainer (6/15/12), go the the Listen and Win portion of the Winner's Club and input the answer for your Bonus Points.  As long as you put in the answer after 4pm each day, you will get 2,500 points on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Father's Day!

By the way, the question:  It was on this day in 1992 that Dan Quayle spells a word wrong at a spelling bee and makes national headlines.  Which word did he spell wrong?

Right now in the Winner's Club, you can use your Bonus Points to win prizes like airline tickets, Netflix for a year, a Playstation 3, gift certificates to Best Buy, a 32 inch Sony Bravia, an Apple TV, $250 in cash, and more!!

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