We at 99.9 KTDY know you have many options for finding great music, information, and the occasional smile. We're very grateful for the time you spend with us. CJ, Debbie Ray, JayCee, and I wanted to thank you for letting us into your car, office, living room, computer, or mobile device. We decided a few extra Winners Club points would be nice lagniappe for your Labor Day weekend. You can accumulate up to 22,500 points by visiting our website over the holiday. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, play the Brainbuster, Midday Mind-Bender, and No-Brainer. Saturday's answer to all three is "Saturday," Sunday's answer is "Sunday," and Monday's answer is "Labor Day." As always, you'll be able to redeem your points for prizes, and enter some great contests. Thanks again. Have a safe & happy holiday!






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