Play the No-Brainer weekday afternoons with JayCee for your chance to win great prizes.

Why is the question called the "No-Brainer"? Is it because people never use their brains to answer the question, instead they go straight to Google? Nope. It's because the questions are usually very easy. So easy, in fact, the even CJ knows the answers (sometimes).

The contest is pretty simple: around 3:40 each weekday afternoon, listen for the question to air. Once you do, be the first caller at 237-5839 to know the correct answer, and you win!

Of course, there are some eligibility requirements: you must be at least 18 years of age, you can't have won any of our contests within the past 30 days (except for the Birthday prize or other specialty contests), and you have to allow us to use your voice on-air. Easy-peasy, no?



So, for an easy pair of concert tickets, free admission to fairs or festivals, t-shirts, car washes, family four-packs to great family events - the prizes vary - be certain to listen for the No-Brainer each weekday afternoon with JayCee!

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