My favorite new thing on the internet is 'Dog View' from Google Japan. First there was Google Maps which helped us get from here to there, then Street View let us see what that address looks like, including things like Disney theme parks, then Google Earth brought us to places around the world from above, and now... we can get a look from the bottom with Dog View with help from two sweet pups named Ako and Asuka in Odate, Japan. A very clever human harnessed cameras to the dogs' backs, and, voila! Now we can see a favorite statue, a trail covered in snow, a dog museum, a shrine, and more, all from their point of view! Besides the sightseeing element, and the beauty of the terrain, it's just fun to have the dogs' perspective.

[via The Verge]

And while we're talking about a dog's eye view, here's one of my favorite songs from 1995. It's called 'Everything Falls Apart," by Dog's Eye View. It's on of the happiest sad songs you'll ever hear.

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