A soldier based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, currently deployed to Afghanistan, might not have his dog waiting for him when he returns.

The story, in a nutshell:  Robby Gabbert left his 3 year old Shiba Inu, named Baxter, in the care of his girlfriend when he was deployed to Afghanistan (Gabbert got Baxter when he was just a pup).  Shortly after leaving for duty, his girlfriend decides to not wait for him, and breaks up with him.

Gabbert's parents arranged with the girlfriend to have the dog delivered to them, but Baxter never showed up.  When the parents finally got in touch with the ex-girlfriend, she told them that she sold the dog, and that she doesn't know who she sold him to.

Gabbert then put an ad on Craigslist, hoping to find Baxter and get him back (to his parents, for now).  That ad went viral via Facebook, and many people helped look for the dog.

According to the story, the dog was found, but the new owners are not willing to part with the dog, stating that their children have fallen in love with it.

A truly heartbreaking story, one that I hope ends well for Baxter and Gabbert.

In my opinion, those parents need to do some "tough love" parenting at this point, and teach those children between right and wrong.  Teach the children why the dog needs to go back; why it shouldn't have been sold; why you shouldn't trust women (just kidding).

Seriously, this is an opportunity to teach those kids about the real world, in my (I don't have kids) opinion.

You can read the full story to get the specifics, but this one rips at my heart!!


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