During heavy rains and flooding, the pontoon bridge over the Mermentau River on Highway 91 in Estherwood needs to be moved to allow debris to flow down stream.

Google Maps/Estherwood Pontoon Bridge

The pontoon bridge in Estherwood isn't an ordinary bridge, as most bridges are suspension bridges, suspended above the waterway.  Pontoon bridges like the ones in Estherwood and the one on Bayou LaRose are unique in that they are barges floating on the water that allow vehicles to drive across.

Google Maps/Butte La Rose Pontoon Bridge

I've been detoured by the bridge being out, and I've saved valuable time be using that bridge (it's a "shortcut" to the Midland area from I-10), but I've never seen the bridge being moved.

This video, posted by Wayne Welsh to Facebook, gives an eyewitness view of the bridge being moved to allow the water/debris to flow.

I would assume that the bridge will be closed until further notice!

(Google Maps, Facebook)