The weekend ended with some nasty storms pushing across some parts of Louisiana.

As we were driving back home on Sunday evening I thought I saw lightning, but it was a beautiful afternoon near Lafayette.

Well, I was correct, I did see lightning in the distance as storms pushed across some parts of the state.

Embedded in some of the storms were gusty winds, lightning, and even hail.

One video, which you can see below, shows just how much hail dropped to the ground as storms came across some parts of the state. This video shows ice all over a state highway near Tikfaw, LA.

Some areas in Acadiana did report small hail, but I don't know if anyone in our immediate area saw this much hail fall Sunday evening, but some did in other parts of Louisiana.

Check out this video as a storm dropped a lot of hail in a very short period of time.

Here's another video of a hail storm shot by Eddie Fisher in Hammond, LA. As you can see here, there was so much hail on the ground and vehicles, that it resembled snow!


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