It's only fitting that what many will say is the greatest World Series ever gets what may be the greatest commercial.

In the wake of the Chicago Cubs exorcising all their ghosts and defeating the Cleveland Indians for their first World Series victory since 1908, ESPN is now airing this very amusing commercial.

It's a subtle, but not-so-subtle, reminder of the enormity of the Windy City's moment. And let's also give a shout-out to ESPN for calling out the "Butt Fumble." Sure, it has nothing to do whatsoever with the Cubs' win, but it just adds to the greatness and hilarity of this spot.

Perhaps not so ironically, the "Butt Fumble" was the work of then-New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. And, like Cubs fans until the wee hours of Thursday morning, that fan base knows a thing or two about being frustrated.

If ESPN's spot is wry and clever, then Budweiser's is just plain magical. It features Harry Caray and the fan's reaction to the final out. Get ready for the hair on your arm to stick up. It's pretty amazing.

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