The Houston Astros won the World Series title with an epic 6th-inning rally Saturday. The excitement throughout Houston continued culminating with a massive Astros parade through the streets of downtown Houston Monday.

It is estimated that over 2 million fans lined the streets, peered out of high-rise windows and filled parking garages. Fans climbed light poles to get a better view of management and the team.

The Commissioner's trophy made its way downtown as well to an overwhelming response from onlookers.

Just an electric scene in Houston. -Josh Criswell @criswell_sports

Over 2 million people lined the parade route, watched from high-rise buildings and filled parking garages as the World Series Champs Houston Astros paraded downtown Houston.

The crowds were massive till the end.

After an epic 6 game series against the Phillies that included multiple history-making performances, the Astros won the 2022 World Championship.

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