ESPN's Erin Andrews shares details of her stalker ordeal in next month's issue of Marie Clarie. Michael David Barrett was convicted of interstate stalking last year after he was found to have secretly videotaped Andrews in the nude in several hotels in multiple states. Barrett is currently serving a 2-1/2 year sentence. 

Andrews say she's still not over the experience, and couldn't bear to undress in her own home for several days after learning she'd secretly been videotaped.  To make matters worse, Cease and desist  letters from her attroneys have been ineffective in getting the video removed from the internet. Yahoo Sports reports Andrews is in the process of obtaining a copyright of the video in question to give her the legal leverage to get it removed.  

Erin Andrews

Michael David Barrett

  "I stopped going to my gym for six or seven months because I was afraid of people seeing me working out. I had this mind-set of, 'Oh, my gosh, everybody's seen me naked and they're going to think to themselves, 'She should be so embarrassed.' "       -Erin Andrews

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