If you take a quick glance at Facebook, you'll realize that English is not a consistent language, and many people beat their heads on the keyboard when they see the improper use of words like "there, their and they're"!

Its and it's. Rough and through. Flower and flour. Suite and sweet. Steel and steal. Word and nerd. Bear and bare. Bow and bow (one's on a boat, the other is in the hair of a college student in Baton Rouge). There are so many examples of words and spellings and rules that make English a difficult language to learn. Of coarse (sorry: course), we don't think it's difficult because we were immersed in it from berth (sorry: birth). It is first nature four (sorry: for) us two (UGH!!) understand hour (I'm about to lose my mind) native language.

“‘I am’ is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that ‘I do’ is the longest sentence?” - George Carlin

With that being said, The Language Nerds put together a video with Aaron Alon that puts a different twist on our language, giving an example of what it would sound like if all of our vowels remained consistent. (They missed a great marketing opportunity by not naming themselves "The Word Nerds"!)

It maid (does this happen in other languages??) my brain hurt a little bit buy (!!!!!) the end of the video, but it was an interesting watch!

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