Video has gone viral of an alligator on a leash strolling through a splash pad at Love Park in Philadelphia. Reports say that the alligator is actually a seven-year-old emotional support animal who has gained quite a following on social media.

Imagine taking a casual stroll through the park and you see this...


Nope. You aren't seeing things. That, my friends, is an alligator on a leash in a park.

Wally is a seven-year-old emotional support gator who has garnished quite the following on TikTok. His owner is a Pennsylvania man named Joie Henney, who reportedly rescued the then 14-month-old gator from outside of Orlando, FL.


The report also says that Henney received approval from his doctor to use Wally as an emotional support animal rather than going on medication for depression. According to Wally's owner, the gator has never bitten anyone and is even scared of cats.

Henney is reportedly no stranger to wild animals, as he hosted a show on ESPN Outdoors named "Joie Henney's Outdoors" from 1989 to 2000.

via KSLA News 12
via KSLA News 12

In case you were wondering, it is reportedly legal to own an alligator as a pet in Pennsylvania.

Is it legal to own an alligator in Louisiana?

To keep the answer short - yes, it is legal to own an alligator in Louisiana. But, you must have a permit to take, possess, or sell alligators or eggs.

While seeing an alligator on a leash out in public likely comes as a shock, many on social media have shown Wally some serious love. Just check out one of his posts below that has amassed over 7 million views.

Speaking of love, check out Wally waltzing around Love Park in Philly via TikTok below.

Even here in Louisiana, this would be a pretty shocking scene. But out in metropolitan Philidelphia, Pennsylvania this must have been one of the craziest sights to behold for the entire city.

Would I welcome Wally into my own home? Probably not. But, he can hang out in the yard so long as he stays on that leash and is well-fed.

See the full report shared on Facebook by KSLA News 12 below.

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