About two months ago, I did a story about Ella Conrad’s birthday wish. After being inspired by a friend, she told her mom that for her birthday this year, instead of a party and gifts, she would like everyone to donate pet food or pet store gift certificates. Her goal was to deliver it all to  Acadiana Animal Aid. She has since been on the local news stations telling Acadiana what her birthday plans are. Her story has gone viral and spread across the country. It was even picked up by a national inspiration publication.

Facebook, Acadiana Animal Aid
Facebook, Acadiana Animal Aid

I’m happy to share an update that is so incredibly heart-warming. Her mom, Stacy, posted this update on her Facebook page. In Ella’s journey, she has collected enough supplies to fill an entire room. She has received so many donations that the shelter she donated to plans on sharing the gifts with other smaller, local, animal rescue groups. Ella will be 9 years old on Tuesday and I think I speak for so many people when I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLA! And Thank you for making a difference and choosing to be kind.

 "Tonight all of the animals will go to bed with a full belly because of me and that makes me feel happy. This is the best birthday ever!" -Ella


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