Louisiana folks have proven themselves to be a resourceful group, especially when it comes to celebrating treasured holidays during a worldwide pandemic. I mean, who would have expected that the wildly popular Mardi Gras house floats would be one of the only ways we could celebrate Fat Tuesday? There is even a book out that documents our craziest Mardi Gras ever, it's called "Porches on Parade: How House Floats Saved Mardi Gras." And not only were the house floats a hit in New Orleans, but in other cities across the state as well. We loved seeing the creativity of our fellow Louisianians!

And now, with Easter right around the corner, a New Orleans man wants to extend the good vibes to include an Easter House Float parade in the Big Easy. Tucker Mendoza told NOLA.com that "the event will be an outlet for all the creativity the city is known for.” Mendoza creates amazing Mardi Gras accessories for local krewes under the professional name of Mother Tucker, and he has created an Easter House Float Facebook page where other like-minded individuals who decorate their homes in the area can find each other.

The Krewe of House Floats might be only the beginning of the newest tradition in New Orleans. In addition to the Easter House Floats, there is also a "Shamrock Our Blocks" project happening to celebrate St Patrick's day. We won't let the pandemic stop our holiday spirit in the great state of Louisiana!



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