Louisiana's primary election is scheduled for Saturday, October 12, but early voting will continue through this Saturday, September 28 at 6 p.m.

There are tons of events in Acadiana on election day, and there is also an LSU football game in Tiger Stadium that day, so many people could be distracted and forget to vote.

Don't let that be you, please. Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis Perret tells us that voter turnout will be as low as 43 percent possibly.

Please, make some time to either vote early, or ensure that you have multiple reminders to vote on Saturday, October 12.

Anyone can early vote, and you simply need to visit your parish's Registrar of Voters Office in order to do so. Click here for a list of Registrar of Voter locations for each parish.

Early Voter Parking Map
LCG photo

In Lafayette, everyone wants to know where do I park for early voting now that there is no longer the parish parking garage. Designated parking places are clearly marked downtown. And the picture above is a map of where to go.

In Lafayette, many people have no idea which district they live in now that district lines were redrawn with the change in the charter. Click here to find out how to see which city and/or parish district you are in.

The ballot will be very long as there are statewide offices, local offices, and even amendments to vote on this time around.

Click here to view your own sample ballot.

There are four constitutional amendments that each voter will have to make a decision about this election. If you would like to find out more about the pro's and con's of each amendment click here for a link to the Public Affairs Research Council's website. The Public Affairs Research Council is a non-partisan group that looks at various issues.

Each voter has just three minutes to vote, and you are allowed to bring in a list or even your phone if you so choose.