2018 had just been born, parties were still warm and confetti still everywhere, when our boss at Townsquare Media Lafayette, sent out a video to welcome in the new year.  This wasn't just any video, this video would change the way I embraced the new year.  This video, would change my life in 2018 and for years to come.

What if an eagle was told early in it's life that he wasn't an eagle at all, but instead just a chicken.  A chicken, just a plain bird that couldn't fly or do anything extraordinary.  Would he believe that?  Would a beautiful majestic eagle with majestic wings allowing it to fly high and long stay on the ground for it's entire life because someone made it believe it was born a chicken?  Fact is, the eagle lived and died as a chicken.

Are you an eagle or a chicken?  Is someone or something holding you down?  Make 2018 the year you break free.  Make this year the year you sore.

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