Lafayette legend Dustin Poirier has been recognized once again as he has won the Fighting Spirit of the Year at the 'World MMA Awards'. An award much deserved as Poirier's 'Good Fight Foundation' continues to do good work throughout the community.

Check out the announcement by @FightersOnly on Twitter below

Of course @DustinPoirier was grateful for the award and looks forward to continuing his philanthropic work

While Mr. Poirier continues his work with the foundation, he is looking forward to headlining UFC 257 on January 23rd where he will face Conor McGregor.

It's been 6 years since Poirier and McGregor last faced off and the hype around the fighting world is massive, as this looks to be Poirier's best shot at defeating the Irishman.

You can check out all of the good work Poirier and his foundation are doing HERE.

We look forward to the Poirier vs. McGregor bout, but even more so, we look forward to all of the good work Dustin Poirier and the 'Good Fight Foundation' will continue to do long after he has stepped away from the octagon.

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