The conversation concerning a fight between Lafayette Legend, Dustin Poirier, and Conor McGregor has been ongoing for months now. Poirier took to Twitter today to call out the UFC and its commissioner, Dana White, as he is ready to sign a contract and make the fight official.

Poirier went to Twitter to let everyone involved know that he is ready to sign a contract for the fight immediately @DustinPoirier

Poirier made sure that he tagged all parties involved in his post, as he asks to be sent "the right contract".

I'm not sure exactly what contracts have been sent Poirier's way for the January 23rd bout against one of the best fighters in the world, Conor McGregor, but whatever contracts he has received are not what the Lafayette native is looking for.

The internet did not take long to respond as Theo Von, a comedian from Louisiana and personal friend of Poirier's, reiterated the fighter's point right away @TheoVon

Dustin Poirier has made it clear that he wants to get paid his worth for any fight he takes.

Conor McGregor accepted this fight a couple of weeks ago, even going so far as to say he wants to see the event happen at the Dallas Cowboy's stadium.

Whatever the hold up is on Dustin Poirier's contract for the fight, Dana White and UFC better get moving as this battle would be a spectacle the likes of the fighting world does not see every day.

As a massive Poirier supporter and fan of UFC, it would be a major letdown if White does not give the talented boxer from Louisiana what he is worth for such a big fight.


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