Reports are saying that an arrest has been made following the pursuit of a stolen ambulance down I-10 West. Both Lafayette and Duson Police Departments were involved in the pursuit, with the chase ending in Crowley.

UPDATE: Our team with KPEL News reached out for more details and discovered the following.

The suspect was at Oschner Lafayette General and stole the St. Landry EMT ambulance and proceeded to drive down I-10.

After Duson Police got word of the stolen vehicle, they proceeded to pursue the ambulance on I-10 and then to HWY 1111.

The suspect pulled into a family health center parking lot and hit a car that was backing out.


After this, the suspect left the ambulance and proceeded on foot. This when Duson Police apprehended the suspect.

The suspect was originally at Acadia General Hospital, but was transferred to Lafayette General.

Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana State Police, Crowley Police Department all responded to the incident in addition to Lafayette Police and Duson Police.

The suspect has pending charges in Duson. He will also face charges in Lafayette for stealing the ambulance.

Facebook via St Landry EMS

The report also notes that it was a St. Landry EMS ambulance that was involved in the pursuit.

Facebook via St Landry EMS


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