A video of what appears to be a police chase in New Iberia surfaced on Facebook, sparking reactions from viewers.

Just before midnight on Thursday evening, Nick Callahan posted the video clip to his Facebook page with the caption "Dump truck police chase." The clip showed a quick shot of what appeared to be a vehicle resembling a dump truck rounding a corner in downtown New Iberia as police cars followed with lights flashing.

Facebook, Nick Callahan
Facebook, Nick Callahan

The video (below) has been viewed over 10,000 times and already has 300 shares as comments began to pour in.

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It has been quite the week for the New Iberia area when it comes to zany headlines.

From multiple reports of bears on the loose to the house that was illegally moved, knocking out power to hundreds in the middle of the night this was just the latest shocking report to come from Iberia Parish.

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An eyewitness says they believe the person in the large truck was eventually apprehended by police.

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Another comment pointed out that whatever the situation may have been, it could be someone dealing with a mental health issue. Earlier this week, a wild video of a chase in the Lafayette area ended up being a rape suspect who was eventually caught after he evaded police who tried to arrest him.

According to Callahan, the dump truck was traveling down Main street in Downtown New Iberia which is when he began filming. Callahan says that he is unsure why, but police officers were definitely giving chase.

This story is developing and we will update it with any information received from New Iberia law enforcement.

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