Photos from University Lake on the campus of LSU show huge cracks on the surface of the popular ake.

One of the biggest attractions on the campus of LSU are the lakes, yes the same ones you may see if you're driving through Baton Rouge on I-10.

However, in recent years the lakes have been filled with algae and other vegetation. And in that time many have asked what could be done to restore its beauty.

Well, the process has started on the campus of LSU and the photos are shocking, and misleading for some.

Ly Vu
Ly Vu

Coming out of a very dry summer in south Louisiana, many thought that these photos were a direct result of a lack of rainfall. Well, that is not so.

The restoration process on the lakes has started and in the first stage, it required lowering the water level so that work could begin. Hence, that is what you see the surface of the lake dried and cracked here.

According to various reports that I came across, the lake will be dredged, dug deeper, cleaned, and then restocked with fish.

This is a project that many have asked for since the lakes were overtaken with vegetation, and it will be refreshing to see the end result of this project.

So, if you happen to visit LSU or drive through the city and see this, the lakes are not low on water because of the drought-like conditions, it's all intended to improve the beauty and ecosystem of the popular lakes on campus.

Personally, I cannot wait to see these lakes restored back to their natural beauty. They are wonderful to visit for students and families on a beautiful South Louisiana day.

To see more great photos of the lakes as restoration begins, visit the LSU Reveille.

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