It's out there again. A blanket of dense fog is covering all of Acadiana this morning. That means drivers will need a double dose of patience and concentration to get to their destinations safely.

One of the biggest complaints we hear at the radio station during foggy conditions has to do with headlights. What are the rules of the road when it comes to fog?

Make sure you use your low beam headlights instead of the bright lights when you drive. This concentration of light closer to road gives you a better view of the center line and the shoulder. Drivers are encouraged to use the shoulder line to aid your driving rather than sighting along the center line.

It is suggested that If you have fog lights, use them just don't forget to turn them off. After sunrise, it's a good idea to keep your headlights on too. This gives you greater visibility to other drivers.

No matter how heavy or dense the fog is don't stop in the middle of a roadway. Make sure you pull safely off to the shoulder and keep your flashers and headlights on. It is always a great idea to stay buckled in your safety belt too.

Hopefully, the fog will be out of the area by the middle of the morning and won't be an issue on any of the roadways around Acadiana for more than just a few hours.

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