New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees suffered a significant rib injury in Sunday's win over San Francisco that led him to pull himself out of the game for the second half.

A somber Brees in postgame stated he would be getting an MRI and X-Ray.

Reports came out Monday that Brees has multiple rib fractures, as well as a collapsed lung. (For more on what recovery from a collapsed lung looks like, click here)

While the Saints and Brees don't know how long he'll be out, he's expected to miss a fair amount of time, though Brees exclaimed on Instagram he "will be back in no time".

The future Hall of Famer quarterback shared a photo on IG blowing into a spirometer as he was being checked on by three of his four children, sharing the message.

A spirometer is a device used to diagnose and monitor lung conditions, measuring the air someone breaths in and out.

Brees' IG message is more in tune with his personality and how he's operated throughout his 20 year NFL career.

Perpetually positive, Brees is usually upbeat, even after difficult losses, which is why his somber tone on Sunday following the game was worrisome.

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