Your wildest employment dreams are coming true.

We all have our own idea of what a dream job is right? For some, it's a something serious that will fulfill them financially. For others, it's simply getting paid to eat. I mean, I'd like to think I've got the best job in the world however, getting paid to eat chocolate may edge out talking for a living.

The makers of Cadbury chocolate and Oreo cookies, Mondelez International, is looking for Chocolate Tasters.

That means you will actually get to eat chocolate and get paid for it. The idea is to assemble a 12-member panel that will test new products and give feedback. Getting paid to be opinionated on top of all of this? I'm foaming at the mouth.

There's a slight hitch in the wagon though.

The job is only available in the United Kingdom, which means you would need to relocate. Oh, and it's only a part-time position, which means you mostly likely won't be compensated enough to make a living. Unless, of course, you got another job or found a friend's couch to crash on. Or maybe you could get another gig in the factory.

I mean, how far would you go for velvety, creamy chocolate?

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