One of the best things about living in Louisiana is the absolutely amazing music that is native to our state. We have numerous festivals celebrating our cultural heritage and musical roots throughout the year, and we're so proud of our homegrown musicians.

And one of the most beloved musical icons in Louisiana is soon to be highlighted in a documentary that will be made later this year. Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame member Mac Rebennack, who was known by his stage name as Dr John, passed away at age 77 in 2019 of a heart attack. For decades he shined a spotlight on the unique music and culture of New Orleans and was a beloved staple at the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. And now another musician who was heavily influenced by him will pay homage in a big way.

According to the Associated Press, Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach will make his directorial debut by telling the story of the huge impact the piano player's music has made on our culture. He tells the AP “From his mysterious voodoo stage persona Dr John, to his real, humble self Mac Rebannack, the street poet, the family man, the junkie, the Grammy award winner and all that’s in between, this documentary will introduce the world to him in a way they haven’t seen him before. I’m still learning bits about him that I never knew, and I hope the movie provides a lens into the story of the life of Dr John.”

In 2012 Auerbach produced the Grammy Award-winning Best Blues Album for Dr John called "Locked Down" See more about the life and death of Dr John in the video from CBS News below


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