If it weren't for bridges traveling in Louisiana would be an even more cumbersome activity than it already is. For many communities, the bridges that span countless creeks, streams, ditches, coulees, and culverts are the lifeline that connects us all together.

Unfortunately, the bodies of water that these bridges cross often contain debris. That debris could be tree limbs, yard waste, garbage, and a myriad of other substances. This debris cannot only clog up a coulee but it could damage the bridge that crosses it. That's why LA DOTD needs your help.

If you notice debris has built up in, around, or under a bridge that you normally drive over you are encouraged to contact DOTD. The department will utilize the public's input to identify bridge areas that need to be cleared of debris.

Perhaps a little diligence on our part could help DOTD clear these bridge areas before the debris and sediment have the chances to harm the infrastructure of the bridge itself. This would mean fewer bridge repairs, safer bridges, less money spent on repairs and ultimately a better driving experience for all who your Louisiana's highways.


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