A DoorDash driver in Detroit, Michigan was caught by a doorbell camera dropping a pizza onto concrete, then scooping it up, putting it back in the box and delivered it as though nothing happened.

Rodneh King Jr. and his wife were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a pizza from DoorDash. Luckily they were watching the doorbell camera. What they saw was really disgusting.

Rodney King Jr. explained to Fox 2 what he saw happen

When the guy was walking up to our porch, we saw that he was holding the pizza vertically. So from there, I knew for a fact that the pizza was outside the box.-Rodney King Jr.

King stated he saw the DoorDash driver scooping up the toppings

So afterward he looked at the pizza and went to scoop it up, put it back in the box and make it look as pretty as he could. He picked up all the crumbs and everything and walked off.-Rodney King Jr.

King said he was hungry but was hoping the DoorDash driver would have done the right thing.

King did say that DoorDash really took care of him, they handled the situation appropriately.

This inappropriate and unacceptable behavior is never tolerated on the DoorDash platform. The dasher involved was immediately deactivated and we have been in touch with the customer and fully refunded the order. We sincerely regret that this incident fell short of the experience we strive to provide every day.-DoorDash in a statement to Fox 2

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