Food delivery apps have become such a staple in our lives. It's so easy, there are so many options, and you can get other things delivered with your food so you don't have to leave your house.

The delivery app 'Doordash' made a giant 'uh-oh' on Thursday that let customers order food, alcohol, and many other items...without paying. Essentially, free everything for a couple of hours.

Unlimited food. Alcohol. Groceries. Drug Store Items. Everything was up for grabs for free until they fixed the glitch. According to Twitter, the glitch did not last long. However, the internet works fast that some people were posting screenshots of what they got...and it was extravagant.

'DoorDash' has yet to comment on the glitch, but there are rumors swirling on the internet that their legal team is involved, and they will be getting that money back they lost at any cost. Oop.

If you search DoorDash on Twitter, you don't see articles about this incident. You see pure unhinged chaos and hilarity. From people who got free stuff to people who missed out on the glitch...this might be the funniest internet reaction I have seen in a while.

I can only describe these tweets under the category: Out Of Pocket. Let's get into some of them.

If you don't know what the above tweet is referencing, check this out.

I will say this: big shoutout to DoorDash drivers, restaurant workers, and fast-food workers. They were under immense pressure (on top of already stressful hospitality service environments). I did not see any instances of these people cashing in on this glitch that tipped their drivers. That's shameful.

If DoorDash remedies these issues, I hope they compensate those drivers. Some larger cities were put to the extreme test with this mishap.

Also, semi-pro tip: don't post your crimes on the internet.

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