Relationships are tricky business. That's never been more true than today. Missteps in  social media can have disastrous consequences. I well know this from a combination of personal experience, and nearly 8 years of professional training in the use of social media. A few years ago, I had a relationship come to an abrupt end over a Facebook post that I thought at the time was totally innocent. Fashion Beans tells us there are several things that you should NEVER post about your relationship. Here are a few. #1: Don't post anything about what goes on in the bedroom. Why? That should be self evident. #4: details of a conflict. This can do irreparable harm. #5: Don't post pictures of your partner without permission. I made that mistake...Once! The repercussions were very unpleasant. #11: "hot" photos. Keep that stuff between the two of you. #13: Comments about your in-laws. Does this need explanation? Click here for 16 things you shouldn't post about your relationship.

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