Former U.S. President Donald Trump made a visit to New Orleans on Tuesday, and he made sure to stop by a favorite in the Crescent City.

Trump was in New Orleans for a private campaign fundraiser, but that did not stop him from rubbing shoulders with some in the French Quarter.

The former President of the United States made a stop at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter and he was seen walking with a coffee in one hand and a bag of beignets in the other.

Trump landed in New Orleans and as you may expect, traffic was a nightmare as his motorcade made its way through the city.

The fundraising event was hosted by businessmen Boysie Bollinger and Joseph Canizar, and according to previous reports, a ticket to the VIP visit costs $3,300.

If you wanted a photo with the former President, well that came with a nice $23,000 donation.

I am sure Trump enjoyed the coffee and treats and Cafe Du Monde, but I do ask, do you think he had sugar all over him like we do when we visit this local favorite?

I would bet someone wiped the white powdery residue off of his blue jacket as he exited the establishment, after all, it happens to all of us.

Here's a look at Donald Trump arriving at the airport in New Orleans for the fundraiser.

Now, here's a look from the outside of the house where the fundraiser was held. You can hear protesters chanting, "Lock Him Up."


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