Domino's is issuing an apology for one of it's delivery people.  A Domino's pizza delivery guy was caught by a security camera in an elevator eating the toppings off a customers pizza before delivering it.  He selectively picks around the pizza hoping the customer won't be able to tell.

What is wrong with people?  This is insane.  It happened in Canada, but could have happened anywhere.  The guy's in the elevator with the pizza in the delivery bag.  As soon as the elevator door shuts, he takes the pizza out of the bag and starts picking off the toppings.  I don't know about you, but I've often times opened a delivered pizza box and thought the quantity of toppings on the pizza was disappointing.  From now on, when I open a pizza box and find a pizza a bit light on toppings, you KNOW what I'm going to think.

Domino's has issued an apology and the delivery guy in the video has been fired.


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