The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a voluntary Blueberries Bleuets recall by food giant Dole. The recall includes various sizes of fresh Dole blueberries. Dole has reason to believe that some blueberries may have Cyclospora contamination.

Cyclospora cayetanensis and its effect

Cyclospora affects the intestines of humans. The microscopic parasite Cyclospora cayetanensis causes intestinal infection. Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, body aches, severe abdominal pain, and fatigue.

Packages recalled and what to do

The recalled Dole Blueberries Bleuets packaging ranges from 6 to 24 ounces. The FDA suggests you throw any of these packages of blueberries, immediately.

Where and when sold

The FDA claims these blueberries were packaged between May 28 and June 9. Dole distributed the recalled berries in Illinois, Maine, New York, Wisconsin and Canada.


Dole Consumer Center toll-free consumer line: 1-800-356-3111

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