I'm sorry to use such a dramatic headline, but this situation is dire.

The Vermilion Parish Rabies Animal Control Center is, again, facing an overcrowding situation. If more adoptions/fosters don't happen soon, dogs will die. There are 10 dogs who are scheduled to euthanized at 3pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

Animal Aid for the Vermilion Area (AAVA) is pleading to the public to please consider fostering or adopting one of these animals. The majority are medium to small breeds, from pits to hounds to greyhound mixes. If they are not adopted or fostered by 3pm tomorrow (Wednesday, May 16, 2018), these dogs will die.

AAVA is hoping that kind people in Acadiana open their hearts and homes to these animals as they have done in the past. According to the story on KATC, it has been about 4 years since ANY animals have had to be put down at the Vermilion center because, sometimes at the last minute, people have stepped up to help.

If you would like to help, email aavarescue@gmail.com or call 337-366-0212.


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