Most of us love our fur babies and as much as we do, we are always learning something new about our pets.

As a kid, one of my favorite things to do with my dogs was to always pick the right style and color collar for it. Often, I chose the color blue because I am a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

What I did not know until recently is that the color of a dog's collar may have an important significance or message to it.

Yes, the color of a dog's collar may have a significant meaning or message, and one color that you want to pay attention to is the color red.

If you ever come across a dog that has a red collar or red bandanna on, you should proceed with caution. You do not want to aggressively approach the dog.

The owner of a dog that is known to be aggressive towards strangers may use the red collar to signify that the dog is easily rattled and that the dog may react violently if startled by someone it may not recognize.

Dog with collar of lights
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So, the next time you see a dog in a park or perhaps on a patio and you notice a red collar on it, give the dog its space and be considerate. We should also applaud those who may be accompanying the dog for taking the initiative to use a colored collar as a warning.

In the day and age we're in, folks with dogs love to include them in their daily routines and that does include bringing them to their favorite restaurants, parks, and even concerts. So, if you come across a dog with a red collar don't get too close to it and respect that it may just need its space.

Again, I encourage you to share this bit of important information with your friends and family on social media as many may not be aware of this simple message. Soon we'll be attending festivals again and you never know if someone there has an aggressive pup, that may have a red collar on.

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