Monday isn't the most popular day to begin with. Every Monday, we see tons of memes in social media about what a drag it is to start the work week. Coffee is the most prized commodity in the universe on Monday mornings. Losing an hour of sleep over the weekend certainly doesn't help. What's the big deal? It's overnight Saturday into Sunday, right? You have a day off to adjust. I stayed home Saturday night & didn't do much. I consumed no alcohol & went to bed at 11:00 (midnight w/ the change). I woke up thirsty & needing the bathroom around 7:30, went back to bed & slept 'til 9:30. All good, right? No! I felt sluggish & a little disoriented. As the day rapidly passed by, only 2 things on my "to do" list got done, a load of laundry & the dishes in the sink were loaded into the dishwasher. I actually prefer DST, once I've adjusted. All my friends who do morning radio & TV shows are crying the blues. Look at the bright side. We're one hour closer to Friday.

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