This Sunday, (March 11th) we "spring forward" ,and 2 am becomes 3 am. That begins daylight saving time for 2018. On November 4th, we "fall back'' reverting to Standard time. How do you feel about all this? I took an unscientific poll on the 99.9 KTDY Facebook page, as well as my personal page. There was a significant difference in results. Respondents on the KTDY page were in favor by a very slim margin at just over 50%. The respondents on my page were overwhelmingly in favor at about 75%. A few folks commented they simply don't like the switching back and forth. My longtime friend & colleague, Debbie Ray, hates daylight saving time. She gets up at 4 am, and hates going to bed while it's still light out. I've always preferred daylight saving time. My girlfriend, who works outdoors, commented, saying it means her work day is longer. Perhaps I should reevaluate.

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