With all due respect to Horace Trahan we aren't going to be doing "that butt thing" this weekend, well most of us won't be doing that. But almost all of us will be doing "that clock thing" this weekend. Although the return to me the return to Standard Time is a butt thing. A pain in the butt thing.

Here's the drill, Sunday, November 4th at 2 in the morning, if you're up that late, you'll need to set your clock back one hour. This will return your references to time to the references our society has given the name Standard Time.

Basically what it does is gives us a little more light during the morning commute and a lot less light during the ride home. We're essentially adjusting our clocks to be in better harmony with the daylight that Mother Nature is providing.

Can you believe the reason we do this biannual dance with our clocks as part of our nation's energy policy? That's the reason that's given. Daylight Savings time and the return to Standard Time are part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

This year California residents will decide whether or not they want to continue this messing with the clock nonsense. Places like Arizona, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands don't do the clock thing and they seem to be surviving okay.

In fact, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island all have Daylight Savings Time as an issue to be discussed by lawmakers in those states.

Personally, I hope Louisiana joins the crowd of folks wanting to not have Daylight Savings Time. But then again, I go to sleep early in the evening so the sooner it can get dark, the sooner I can hit the hay. I mean if we're going to be jacking around with the time/space continuum, I might as well make it personal right?

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