Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Does it sometimes seem that you lately you're getting nothing in the mail but junk? That's probably because you are! E-mail and commercial delivery companies such as UPS & Fed Ex, the U.S. Postal Service is sucking for air.

A recent survey indicates junk mail is keeping the post office in business, literally. Junk mail is on the rise. I'm sure this makes them happy but not the folks who receive it. The survey indicates there was a 43% jump in junk mail delivered in 2001. The jump  In 2006 was  48%. Last year Americans saw a 51% increase in junk mail. Kind of annoying, huh? Paper companies are struggling, too. I spent my high school years in a small town built around a paper mill. It's been closed for several years, now.

It was a ghost town for several years, until a company that makes hunting equipment set up shop there. I wonder how long the Postal Service can stay afloat....