Here's the scene:  you are driving home from work, and, just a few hundred yards from your driveway, you notice a construction crew clearing a field.  "A new subdivision must be coming up" you think to yourself as you take the kids and the groceries from the car. Then, weeks later, you see this:


Photo of a substation


And this:

Photo of High-tension Power Line Towers

Not a subdivision, but power for a subdivision (and more!).  These photographs were taken this morning in Youngsville, in the curve by the old police station on Hwy 92.

Anytime Shannon and I are in the vicinity of a power sub-station, or overhead power lines, she says "Oh-oh... I think that my ovaries are shriveling up!", referencing the 'scare' over cancer caused by electro-magnetic fields.

So, my question is this:  is it safe to live near this much electrical energy?

In the limited research that I conducted (I surfed the 'net for articles at lunch), 2 of the 4 articles I found led me to think that there is some weight to the argument that frequent exposure is NOT safe.

The other two reports leaned more towards 'possibility', but not 'probability'.  This report cited many sources, with one source stating that there is

The wikipedia site dealing with electromagnetic radiation and health listed both sides of the argument, with more studies finding NO significant link to leukemia and cancer from exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation.

Do you live near a sub-station, or under high-power over-head lines?  Do they worry you?  Do you know anyone who thinks they have had ill-effects stemming from an electrical field?

Stories about the farmer who couldn't turn off the lights in his barn scare me.  I mean, that's the kind of scene from a horror flick!!


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