The internet is definitely having mixed reactions when it comes to a couple who opted to have Mickey & Minnie Mouse appear at their wedding instead of food for their guests.

According to a now-deleted Reddit post, a self-proclaimed "huge Disney fan" revealed that she and her fiancée decided against catering at their wedding and put the money toward an appearance by Mickey and Minnie Mouse instead.

The reason why the bride brought her story to Reddit was that even though she had what she described as her "dream wedding" until her aunt began "posting on Facebook about how disappointed she was with the whole ordeal and a few guests sided with her."

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She posted her story in the AITA (Am I The A**hole) forum on Reddit where people often bring scenarios to the group in an effort to find out if they are ones in the wrong in any given situation.

The cost to have both Minnie and Mickey for a good chunk of time (30 minutes) was almost exactly what our parents allotted for our catering budget, so we scheduled an appearance during our first dance and our wedding photos, forgoing served food (though there were PLENTY of facilities at the venue where people could eat…),

The post has since been removed for unknown reasons causing some people to believe it might be fake, but it has been reposted on multiple social platforms where mixed reactions have been pouring in.

In the post, you can see the two edits made to clarify that the couple spent over $5,000 on two appearances. In addition to having the characters appear at their wedding reception, Mickey and Minnie joined the couple along with a photographer for a "private lunch."

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Just about every comment was critical of the couple, calling their choice to scrap the food over Disney characters "rude" and "inconsiderate."

Responses on Twitter were even more brutal.

Eventually, "Disney Adults" began to trend after another tweet went viral from a professor who reminded Twitter users not to treat people like they are "unhealthy or abnormal" due to their obsession with the Disney brand.

But even those who agreed with the professor still said that what the couple did was unacceptable.

Other people just had jokes.

At the end of the day, it was their wedding and they were more than free to include or exclude whatever they saw fit.

But just like freedom of anything else, it definitely did not guarantee that they would be free from any consequences that came in the form of criticism or judgment from guests they invited—including family members.

What would you do if something like this happened at a wedding you attended? Sound off in the comments and let me know.

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