The world has been split for years about if Die Hard is a Christmas Movie or just a really great movie... Looks like now it's just a really great movie. Bruce Willis himself who played John McClane said earlier this year during his Comedy Central roast that “ ‘Die Hard’ is not a Christmas movie"! And now a recent poll done by shows that most American adults don't believe Die Hard is a Christmas Movie.

The movie could literally have been any other day of the year and been the same movie! McClane was traveling to LA to try and win his wife back and her company was having a party something that could happen any other day. Even the most iconic line in the movie "Yippee ki-yay Mother...." has nothing at all to do with Christmas. Not to mention the movie came out in July and not around Christmas.

I completely agree Die Hard is a great movie... But I'm not sold on it being a Christmas Movie.


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