I may be a few days late on this one but apparently one of the many laws that went into effect in Louisiana on August 1 was the legalization of catfish noodling.

Wait, so it was illegal to shove your arm down into a muddy abyss and try to pull out a whopping swamp monster? What a state we live in.

Regardless, we now get to do this crazy form of "fishing" thanks to State Rep. Jack McFarland (R - Jonesboro). He crafted House Bill 419 with input from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The law mentions several means of taking fish out of the water in Louisiana but in particular mentions how catfish can be harvested by individuals (in addition to fishing poles and the like).

The new bill reads in part:

Catfish may be taken by means of snagging devices and hand-grabbing.

Milos Prelevic via Unsplash.com
Milos Prelevic via Unsplash.com

Rep. McFarland actually was taught how to noodle a few years ago by a friend a couple of years ago.

“It takes a little bit of courage to go, maybe underwater, but even just to put your hand inside of a hole of a log, in concrete, or even in a boat ramp under in the water, not knowing exactly what's in there,” McFarland said. “And I think part of it initially was just that, man, I can't let my son show me up. I got to do this.”

McFarland initially took some good ole fashioned ribbing by his fellow legislators, but the bill passed unopposed. So, starting this past Monday, August 1, Louisiana joined 16 other states where noodling is legal.

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