While breaking up with someone can be a nasty affair, not many lose this many teeth in the process. Unfortunately for Marek Olszewski, it was a foolish mistake to trust his dentist ex-girlfriend that cost him all 32 of his teeth.

After setting an appointment with Anna Mackowiak (not the woman in the photo) – whom he dumped for another woman – Olszewski sat down complaining of a toothache. Mackowiak, apparently still bitter over the break-up, heavily sedated Olszewski and pulled out all his teeth. She then left her office after wrapping his head with bandages so he wouldn’t notice. When the anesthetics wore off, Olszewski said he knew “something was wrong” because he couldn’t feel any teeth. Needless to say, he wasn’t pleased.

“She told me my mouth was numb and I wouldn’t be able to feel anything for a while and that the bandage was there to protect the gums, but that I would need to see a specialist. I didn’t have any reason to doubt her, I mean I thought she was a professional” said Olszewski in an interview with the Daily Mail. As for Mackowiak, she had this to say: “I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions. But when I saw him lying there I just thought, ‘What a b—–d.’”

The medical community doesn’t see any compassion in Mackowiak’s reasoning, and the dentist is now under investigation for medical malpractice and abusing the trust of a patient, and could spend three years in jail. As for Olszewski, sadly things got worse for him when his current girlfriend dumped him too, reportedly because she didn’t want to date a 45-year-old man with no teeth. Presumably, he’ll be getting some dentures post-haste.

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